Community Spokes

Healthwatch Brighton and Hove liaises with community organisations working with vulnerable populations via its Community Spokes network. The network currently has 27 members who collaborate with Healthwatch to improve awareness of health issues relevant to specific populations and to help improve health services for these communities.

Previous work done by the Community Spokes

Reports from the 2015/16 research projects funded by the Community Spokes programme are published below. A research summary is available to provide an overview of the key issues raised.

Spokes Research Summary

Project reports

Amaze – Adults and children with disabilities


Brighton and Hove Impetus – Adults with Aspergers condition

Friends Familes and Travellers – Hidden Incontinence in the Traveller Communities

Hangleton and Knoll Project – Health Champions

Parent Carers’ Council – BAME populations with children with SEN

Right Here – Young People with mental health difficulties

Sussex Interpreting Services – Maternity services and BME women

The reports identify the challenging health issues faced by vulnerable populations in Brighton and Hove. We believe the research highlights the need for health services to adopt a more proactive approach to serving these communities. Preventative primary care that adapts and is sensitive to the needs of these communities, we contend, is likely to have a significant impact on health outcomes as well lead to long term savings for health services.

The Community Spokes programme is a key part of Healthwatch Brighton and Hove’s commitment to engage with vulnerable people in the city and promote learning about health issues faced by these communities across the health sector. As an independent health watchdog, Healthwatch is uniquely positioned to reach out to these communities, gain an understanding of these issues and then use this to work for improvements in health services.

The Community Spokes programme aimed to gain this understanding by funding community groups across the city working with vulnerable communities. The programme created a network of 17 community organisations which shared their insight into the health concerns and access to services experienced by the communities they worked with. Seven organisations were then invited to undertake more detailed research on specific issues. These projects involved close engagement with individuals ensuring that insights gained were a meaningful reflection of people in these communities.

Healthwatch Brighton and Hove would like to thank all the participating organisations for their work on the project. Healthwatch will be working in forthcoming months with partners in the health sector to review the findings and help improve services for these vulnerable communities in the city.



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