How to prove your COVID-19 vaccinations ("Vaccine Passport")

You can demonstrate your vaccinations against COVID-19 by using the NHS App, or by calling 119.
NHS app

The NHS App is now available to use as a vaccine passport (from Monday 17 May 2021). Details of your vaccinations will only show when you have had both doses. If you are planning to travel, please register to use the NHS App at least two weeks before travelling. The app is owned and run by the NHS.

A paper version will also be available by calling 119. The paper letter should be requested at least five days after a second vaccine, and can take up to five days to arrive so make sure to leave plenty of time if you need it to travel.

Please do not telephone your GP Practice to ask about the vaccine passport as they are unable to provide vaccine passports and it’s essential we leave phone lines free for people who need medical assistance.

Please note that the NHS App is separate to the NHS COVID-19 App, which is used for contact tracing.

Get the NHS app

The first screen on the NHS app will provide you with options to:

  • Share your COVID-19 status (use this to view and share proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status for travel. You can also download a PDF copy of your records and print this, or to send it to someone else. You can also request to have a copy sent to you by email).
  • Check your COVID-19 vaccine record. This provides a summary of your vaccination details like the name and batch number and dates of your vaccinations. It also allows you to report any side effects.

See the screen shots taken from the app at the bottom of this webpage.

If you have the NHS App and get a message to say you need to contact your GP Practice, this is an extra option to get full access to your medical records in the NHS App. To get access to your full medical records in the NHS App, you need to contact your GP Practice and request access to your detailed coded record. Please avoid calling your GP practice at peak hours when people are trying to book appointments, and if possible email the team. The GP Practice will take appropriate time to action your request. This is completely separate from the vaccination information and will not affect your access to the vaccine passport.

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