Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information about seeing a dentist

This guide provides some information about seeing a dentist at this current time.

Seeing a Dentist 29.5.20


  • Patients can still contact a dentist if they require medical help. This does not have to be the dental practice you are registered with, and you can contact any practice which is near to your home.
  • Face to face dental appointments have mostly stopped, but dental practices have replaced these with telephone consultations.
  • Dentists can still prescribe medications such as pain relief and antibiotics for a suspected infection.
  • If a dentist thinks you need to be seen for urgent treatment, they will make a referral to one of the new Urgent Dental Care Hubs. Please note that you cannot self-refer to one of these Hubs.
  • You can still be referred to a Hub for urgent dental treatment if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are vulnerable or shielding, although you will be seen at dedicated sites only.
  • Some Hubs are based outside of Brighton, but support is available to help you travel to these sites.

Home care

We have also attached some advice about how to deliver self-care for common dental issues such as toothache, wisdom teeth pain, ulcers, lost crowns and knocked-out teeth.

Dental advice – home care


Should you have any questions or require further information please contact us by email:

29 May 2020