Healthwatch gets questions on dentistry raised in Parliament

Healthwatch has been working closely with Caroline Lucas MPs team in Brighton over the past year as she has a strong interest what is happening to NHS dentistry. We have asked 12 questions of the Minister responsible for dentistry provision.

Read our 12 questions asked in Parliament about dentistry services

The questions contained in the attached document have been asked in Parliament by Caroline Lucas MP. These questions are based on your experiences which you have shared with us, and information we have gathered from other sources such as the South East Local Dental Committee, a group who represents dental practices in the area. Some of our questions seek further information on Government announcements. All of the questions are publicly available on the UK Parliament website.

We will continue to raise questions on your behalf and push for reform and better availability of NHS services.

Need help finding a dentist, or understanding your rights?

Where’s your nearest dentist?

Use the NHS website to search for a dentist near you. The site also provides information on which dental practices are currently accepting new patients, whether they offer urgent appointments, and how other people have rated the service.

While this is a good starting point to finding a local dentist, people often tell us that these records aren't always kept updated, so you should contact the practice directly to find out more information. If the records are out of date, you should let the practice know.

You can also visit a dentist outside your local area if it’s more convenient. For example, if you prefer to see a dentist near where you work.

How to get an NHS dentist appointment during COVID-19

During the pandemic, dentists worked to strict infection control guidelines meaning that they could see fewer patients. Although dental services are back to normal as protective measures are relaxed, they may have to deal with a significant backlog and so you might find that it is still difficult to get an appointment.

Find out more

Dentistry – A Healthwatch guide to your rights and accessing the treatment you need

Healthwatch across Sussex (Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex) have worked together with local dental organisations on a detailed guide to help everyone get the treatment they need.

This explains:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on NHS dental appointments
  • The difference between NHS and private dental care
  • How to find and register with an NHS dentist
  • NHS dental charges and exemptions (correct as at June 2021)
  • How to feedback or complain about a dental service
  • Useful links and emergency dental services

Click here to read our guide

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