Do you have concerns about having the COVID vaccine?

Send your questions to us and we will ask a panel of specialists to answer these.
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Healthwatch is working with Latest TV

We want to raise your concerns and questions about having the vaccine, and to have these answered by a panel of experts which will include virologists and immunologists from the The British Society for Immunology.

The progamme will be filmed, and David Liley our CEO will take part. We will share the programme with you once it is ready.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who has:

- concerns about the safety of the vaccine

- questions from younger people about having the vaccine, particularly if you are worried about it affecting your fertility

- questions about how the vaccine interacts with other medicines or health conditions

- if you are unsure or hesitant to have the vaccine - what is it that is stopping you?

Please email your questions to us by Wednesday 17th 5pm

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