Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions

We have produced a Frequently Asked Questions document which we hope will answer some of your questions about Covid-19 such as symptoms, treatment, self-isolating and links to additional guidance.
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This guide answers questions such as: 

  • What should everyone be doing at the moment?
  • What are the symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19)?
  • What should I do if I think I have symptoms?
  • What are the treatment options for coronavirus (Covid-19)?
  • How can I protect myself and others?
  • Who are included in ‘high risk’ groups?
  • What support is available during self-isolation?
  • What specific local and national guidance is available?
  • What support is available for specific groups?
  • What do all of the terms being used mean?

 Myth busters: advice for the public

  • There is a lot of misinformation about coronavirus, how do I know what is correct? A new GOV.UK WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Service has now been launched to combat the spread of misinformation.
  • To use the service, members of the public simply add +44 7860 064422 to their contacts and send a WhatsApp message saying “Hi”.
  • In addition, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has produced a webpage which tackles some misconceptions.

Healthwatch Brighton and Hove has published a separate guide to local health and social care services in Brighton and Hove. This provides information about changes to local services. You can access this separate guide by clicking here

If you have any additional questions please get in touch

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You can download more information here, but if you need it in a different format, please contact us at:

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