Press release: Covid-19 – Healthwatch publishes essential updates on health and social care services

Covid-19: Healthwatch publishes essential updates on health and social care services


Today, Healthwatch Brighton and Hove is publishing essential updates on health and social care services in Brighton and Hove.

David Liley, Chief Officer of Healthwatch Brighton and Hove said today:

“Local people have been asking us for advice about Covid-19. Our updates have been prepared with the NHS, Brighton and Hove City Council, Clinical Commissioning Group, voluntary organisations and local charities.

Today we are asking the press to help us share these updates with a wider public audience.

Healthwatch is keen to hear about people’s individual experiences of health and care services during this time.  This vital feedback will help the NHS get advice out quickly to vulnerable groups of people.”

Through this emergency we cannot forget that many people are getting ill with other medical conditions and continue to have care needs unrelated to Covid-19. Healthwatch is working to ensure that vulnerable communities continue to have access to the services they need.

In recent days we have raised issues with the NHS, the Care Quality Commission, Clinical Commissioning Group and Healthwatch England about:

•              Support to people after discharge from hospital

•              Social distancing for people using Patient Transport Services – particularly for life saving dialysis and cancer treatments

•              Social care staff, particularly in care homes and nursing homes

•              The availability of emergency dental services

•              Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

•              Outpatient appointments in hospitals

•              Access to GP services particularly for repeat medication prescriptions

The updates we are publishing today play an important part in helping people access the health and care services they need.

Please click here to access the Healthwatch briefing.


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