Enter and View Report: Aspirations Active

This report was part of a combination of six reports, by combining all six reports they will create an overall report which will be shared with the council, looking at how people would like to spend their time in our local social care services.
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Results of Visits 

The nature of the Centre 

  • Aspirations Active is a centre which caters for people with very complex learning disabilities and/or autism, often where other settings have failed to deliver the care they require.
  • Their ethos is to ensure the happiness of their clients; they aim to achieve this through positive calming interaction, meaningful activity and stimulation.
  • The centre currently has 22 clients who are over the age of 18, 9 of whom are from the Brighton and Hove area.
  • Some live in residential settings, but most live with their parents at home. Staff work in a non-hierarchical way, and staff turnover is low, in part because people are in control of their work.
  • Staff come from a range of backgrounds, not all related to care.

Things to do 

  • The centre is spread over a number of units, with different spaces for different atmospheres and activities.
  • Sometimes activities will be client led, and sometimes staff will suggest them.
  • A sensory room provides calming lights and patterns, and is a place where service users receive messages from staff.
  • A small gym had recently been installed, which some members were fond of using.
  • Music making equipment was also available in the unit and through renting a local music studio.
  • A large air bed and large coloured balls were available for staff and clients to relax on.

Spending time with other people 

  • All staff interactions with clients were calming and often used tactile stimulus like stroking and touching.
  • As a general rule, staff interact with clients nine times before they ask them specifically to do something.
  • Where people start to become excitable or aggressive, staff intervene quickly to prevent escalation.
  • Staff were observed to be calm, friendly, and always smiling. There was lots of encouragement to complete tasks, and praise for completing things.


  • Our Enter and View Representatives were impressed with the attentive staff adn thoughtful envrionment of the centre 


You can download the report here. If you need it in a different formate please contact us at: 



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