These are they key projects we are working on at the moment, and by no means all that we are doing. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

COVID Updates 

Throughout the pandemic we have been doing weekly updates as to what is going on the city regarding Coronavirus and how that has affect the Health and Social Care services you use. We have now reduced these updates to fortnightly.

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What is happening with services

Hospital Discharge Wellbeing Service

This project forms a vital part of our city’s overall response to COVID-19. Working in partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and the Sussex Health and Care Partnership.

The success of this service has been recognised by city health leaders, with plans to extend it to other areas in Sussex.

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Sector Connector 

Sector connector is a way for non-NHS organisations (the Sector) to engage and influence the Sussex Health and Care Partnership Mental Health Programme. The project has been developed over the last year by voluntary and community sector organisations across Sussex.

Healthwatch in Sussex have agreed to coordinate, convene, and enable the project. It has been developed through the SHCP Mental Health Programme Board and it is within that governance structure that the Forums will exist and report.

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