COVID-19 vaccine update, 19 February 2021

Below, you will find an update on the COVID-19 vaccination programme. 
COVID Vaccine

Eligible groups

  • if you are in groups 1-4 you can still book your appointment by calling 119 or going online

  • If you are aged 65 or over you can also use the above options to book your appointment.

  • People aged 16 or over who are classed as ‘at risk’ are being contacted from this week by their local GP-led vaccination service to have their vaccinations. If you are unsure as to whether you are ‘at risk’, a good indicator is that such people are usually called by their GP practice every year to have their free flu jab. See more information about the ‘at risk’ group

  • Informal carers are also eligible in group 6, and further information as to how carers will be identified and invited for their vaccinations will be available within the next few days. 


Healthwatch has developed a survey which asks for your thoughts on different aspects of the vaccine programme

·         Are you happy to receive a vaccination?

·         Do you have any concerns?

·         Would you like to know more?

·         How was it for you?

·         How it could it be improved for others?

·         Do you feel safer?

·         Will this influence how you behave?

There is a chance to win one of five £20 vouchers for taking part.


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