Enter and View Report: Marine View Rest Home

This report was part of a combination of six reports, by combining all six reports they will create an overall report which will be shared with the council, looking at how people would like to spend their time in our local social care services.
two old women in a care home laughing with their nurse

Results of Visit 


  • A notice board in a communal area had some photographs of residents on it, and a poetry award was displayed.

  • There were also pictures on the wall of completed drawings from a colouring book.

Spending time with other people 

  • The majority of residents reported that staff were friendly towards them and knew them well personally, although one person felt that the staff did not come and talk to them often, and another said that certain staff members talked more regularly to some residents than others.
  • Volunteers observed that, in general, the relationship between staff and residents appeared warm and friendly
They are not a very talkative lot
— A resident regarding other residents

Things to do 

  • On the day of the visit books, DVDs and videos were available for residents to use, and a number of residents reported that they enjoyed reading.
  • Colouring equipment and skittles were also available, which volunteers noted appeared to be more appropriate for children.


  • Residents were asked to rate the home on a scale from 1 to 10, where is one is low and ten is excellent.
  • Those residents that rated the home gave it an average of 9 out of 10.


  • In general the volunteers felt that residents and staff appeared to be unmotivated about the idea of doing activities at the home.
  • It was felt that a clear and structured plan of activities would be beneficial, particularly for those residents who are less independent or do not have regular visits from their family.


You can download the report here. If you need it in a different formate please contact us at: 



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