Healthwatch Brighton and Hove - Stakeholder Report 2020

Healthwatch Brighton and Hove conducts an annual survey of stakeholders in order to understand their awareness of Healthwatch and assess their views on our activities over the previous year.
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The survey was conducted from 18th February 2020 to 25th March 2020.

We received responses from 47 stakeholders.

This is an increase of 88% on last year’s survey, which attracted 25 stakeholders.

Stakeholders told us that:

  • 95% (43 stakeholders) say we make a positive impact on health care services.
  • 91% (31 stakeholders) say we make a positive impact on social care services.
  • 86% (40 stakeholders) say we provide insight which positively impacts their organisation.
  • 83% (39 stakeholders) say we have strong credibility and produce quality work.
  • 81% (38 stakeholders) say we provide unique patient views that their organisation would otherwise not have access to.
  • 77% (36 stakeholders) say we have the ability to influence


You can download the report here. If you need it in a different format, please contact us at or 01273 234 041.

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