Healthwatch Brighton and Hove Hospital Discharge Wellbeing Project (HOPs) April – December 2020 Report

The HOPs project was developed as part of the Healthwatch, Brighton and Hove City Council and NHS response to COVID-19 but is available to Brighton and Hove residents discharged from hospital whatever their condition, COVID related or not.
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Performance summary

April 8th  – December 31st, 2020

  • 2404 people have been referred to the project.
  • 1331 successful contacts = 57% 
  • 458 attempted but unsuccessful calls 19% – were referral information indicated there might be issues, follow phone text messages were sent offering a proactive follow up. 
  • At any one time around 100 referrals will be active, in the hands of volunteers or waiting to be allocated to volunteers. 
  • 288 referred but living in a Care/Nursing Home, re-admitted to hospital, or with inaccurate or missing contact details. 
  • 154 No explanation for being unable to contact the person referred. 
  • 24.4% were referred for some form of community support. 
  • 24.7% of people had some issue or concerns related to their hospital discharge.


You can download the report here, but if you need it in a different format, please contact us at:

01273 234 041

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