Current Volunteer Roles

Here are the volunteer roles that we are recruiting for at the moment, and you can apply using the online application form at the end, or download a form to email or post in.

COVID-19 Response

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and social restrictions, our volunteer roles are restricted to ones that can be carried out remotely:

  • Telephone engagement such as the HD Wellbeing project, care home providers and RoaR calls.
  • Limited meeting representatives using Zoom, Teams or Skype.
  • Online focus groups such as the recent cancer webinar and care home family & friends forum.
  • Online surveys.
male volunteer smiling and talking to a man

Enter & View

Enter & View volunteers are official Authorised Representatives. Your role would be to visit local health and social care services to see how service are being provided, what is being done really well and what could be better.

You would make observations, speak to service users, patients, their families and carers and staff, and feedback your findings for us to report on.

Enter & View Details (PDF)

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Meeting Representative

Meeting Representatives are the patient's voice at health and social care committees and board meetings across the city. Your role would be to attend meetings and committees, where issues are discussed and decisions often made that greatly affect the people of this city.

You would represent them, taking note of issues discussed, asking questions if needed, and then feedback to us to report on.

Meeting Representative Details (PDF)

Hospital Discharge Wellbeing Caller

Wellbeing callers call people recently discharged from our local hospitals to check if they have any concerns related to their hospital discharge, and if so to report those issues back to hospital discharge team.

They also take the opportunity to check on the patient's wellbeing, how well supported they are, and if they need any help from the council or other community services.

Hospital Discharge Wellbeing Caller (PDF)

Volunteer Application Form

Apply to become a Healthwatch volunteer using our online application form below, or download a copy to send in to us via email or post.

Online Volunteer Aplication Form

Download Volunteer Application Form