People’s experiences and views about Covid-19 vaccinations in Brighton and Hove

From February 13th 2021, Healthwatch Brighton and Hove explored people’s experiences and views about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The survey was completed by 2102 people across Brighton and Hove between February 13th and March 31st 2021.

  • 75.5% of people were vaccinated (had received at least one vaccine).
  • 76.3% of White-British had the vaccine compared to 66.0% of other ethnic groups (statistically significant difference).
  • Reasons for accepting the vaccination were a mixture of personal interests and those for the wider public benefit. e.g., 89.9% ‘to protect myself’ and ‘86.6% to play my part in combating the COVID-19 virus’.
  • People were generally positive about the vaccine experience:
  • 92.8% rated the information about where and when to receive the vaccine as excellent.
  • 50.5% were able to ‘book an appointment at a time/date that suited me’.
  • 92.4% said they were very likely to encourage their family and friends to having a COVID-19 Vaccination.

“Excellent experience. All very well organised, no waiting and friendly efficient staff and volunteers.”

  • The one area of concern expressed in the open-ended comments was that a lower proportion, 38.6%, received information about the time, date and location of the second vaccine.
  • Of those yet to have the vaccine, 20.2% were ‘undecided but unlikely to accept the vaccine’, ‘definitely will not accept the vaccine’ or ‘been offered and declined the vaccine’.
  • For those hesitant about the vaccine, over 50% mentioned safety, side-effects, strength of evidence of effectiveness, and right to choose as their reasons:
  • 62.1% were concerned about the safety of the vaccine.
  • 65.0% said they have concerns about the effect of the vaccine in their long-term health.
  • 52.5% worried about the possible side-effects of the vaccine.
  • 51.5% worried about the robustness of the evidence from the clinical trials.
  • 58.3% wanted to maintain their right whether to receive it.
  • 27.5% of ethnic minority groups were hesitant to have the vaccine compared to 14.9% of White-British (statistically significant difference).
  • 30.6% of those with disabilities were hesitant compared to 16.3% of those without disabilities (statistically significant difference).

After the vaccine:

  • 86.8% received written details of the vaccine received.
  • 83.8% received information on the possible side-effects.

“I still want to wait at least a couple of years to see the longer-term effects on others.”

“[Will accept vaccine] When it has been robustly tested for 5-10 years and we are given the full published results of this.”

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People’s experiences and views about Covid-19 vaccinations in Brighton and Hove | Healthwatch Brightonandhove



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