Enter and View Report: Loxwood House

This report was part of a combination of six reports, by combining all six reports they will create an overall report which will be shared with the council, looking at how people would like to spend their time in our local social care services.

Results of Visit 

Spending time with other  people 

  • Different people had different preferences with regard to how they spent their time.
  • Some people preferred to be in the lounges and communal areas so that they could chat to other residents and staff, whilst others preferred to stay in their rooms.
Everyone is very nice they really look after me
— A resident discussing staff at Loxwood

Things to do 

  • Residents have a range of activities at the home.
  • Representatives saw board games available in communal areas, and observed one resident playing with Lego, supported by a staff member.
  • We were told about a weekly karaoke evening with a raffle which residents enjoy.
  • Some people are taken shopping in Hove to buy the prizes and said that they enjoy these trips out.
  • Representatives were told that visits from relatives were rare for the majority of residents.
If someone asks me, I do it
— A resident discussing activities at Loxwood


  • Healthwatch asked the residents spoken with to rank how good the home was for providing activities and social opportunities.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, the average score from the residents was 10.
  • However, representatives reported that this question was difficult for most residents to answer unaided.


You can download the report here. If you need it in a different formate please contact us at: 



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