Healthwatch Brighton and Hove - Annual Report 2019

This year's Annual Report, showcasing the views of the people of Brighton & Hove, and the hard work of our volunteers, staff and board throughout the year.
Cover of the healthwatch Annual Report 2019

Highlights from our year 

Practice visits and engagement leading to service improvements 

  • We undertook 28 visits to health and social care services to talk to people about their experiences
  • We reached 727 people to hear their views about services
  • We conducted interviews with 81 patients at Royal Sussex County Hospital and as their homes to ask them about their experience of discharge from hospital and care at home 
  • We conducted assessments of 9 home care providers by talking to 149 people in their homes 
  • We undertook 16 environmental audits and Patient - Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) in Brighton hospitals 
  • 257 recommendations to services were made as a result of these visits which led to 179 actions to improve practice. An estimated 250,000 patients benefitted from these changes

Communicating the voice of the patient through media 

  • We did 57 interviews for local radio, newspapers and television 
  • Our website had over 28,000 hits 
  • We produced 4 copies of our Healthwatch magazine, with 1,200 digital copies of each edition sent to subscribers reaching an estimated audience of 4,800 people across Brighton and Hove
  • We had 1,722 Twitter and 594 Facebook followers
  • Our Facebook posts reached over 53,0000 people 

Volunteer Contribution 

  • Our volunteers contributed many hours for service visits and strategic meetings attended
  • Volunteers' contributed work worth a total of £55,360 for an estimated total of 2,768 hours 

Our priorities for next year: 

  • Reach out to people and communities who find it difficult to speak up for themselves. Particularly in 'End of Life' Care. 
  • Revisit services we have reviewed and check that our recommendations are being implemented and permanent improvements are in place. 
  • Strengthen advocacy services in the City particularly Independent Health Complaints Advocacy. 
  • Build community partnerships particularly with the Universities, Community Leaders and Housing organisations 
  • Help public and patient engagement in the plans to integrate Health and Social Care in the city. 
  • Work closer with Healthwatch in East and West Sussex - sharing skills and resources on: 

             - Improving A&E services

             - Influencing NHS investment in Mental Health Services

             - Assisting the NHS Review into Children and Young Peoples access to                         psychological therapies

Our plans for next year: 

We will:

  • Publish annual reports on our Hospital Environmental Visits and Home Care visits 

  • Publish a 5 year review of NHS hospital PLACE reports for Brighton and Sussex Hospitals Trust and Sussex Partnerships Foundation Trust, the mental health Trust
  • Re-visit A&E departments to check improvements have been made 
  • Check that the City wide plan to improve hospital discharge and community support has been implemented 
  • Complete and publish our review  of every GP practice in the City 
  • Publish briefing papers on 'Sexual Health Services' and another on 'Improving NHS complaints processes'
  • Review the system for booking outpatient appointments in Brighton and Hove

Young Healthwatch will continue to hold 'listening labs' all over the City and focus on: 

  • Young people affected by cancer
  • Sexual Health 
  • Minority Communities 



You can download the report here. If you need it in a different format, please contact us at or 01273 234 041.

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