Healthwatch Equality Impact Assessment 2018

How well does Healthwatch’s work reach the diverse population of Brighton and Hove? Find out in our annual review of how effectively our work gathers patient opinion from the population of Brighton and Hove and disadvantaged groups. Equality Impact Assessment 2018

Drink Free Days

A Public Health England campaign is urging people between the ages of 45 and 65 to have regular “drink-free” days. Middle-aged drinkers are more likely than other age group to drink more than the recommended 14 units a week. A YouGov poll also shows that they find cutting back on alcohol far harder than eating … Read more

Launch of our Annual Report 2018

This year the launch of our Annual Report was a grand affair. Dee Simpson – Mayor of Brighton and Hove – hosted the event in the Mayor’s Parlour at Brighton Town Hall on the 12th July. On hand to receive the report was a special guest, Imelda Redmond, the Director of Healthwatch England. This is always … Read more

Welcome to our new volunteer: Nick Gorvett

Healthwatch is pleased to welcome Nick Gorvett to the team. “Until my retirement four years ago, I worked as a senior Manager / Director in the NHS for 38 years. I started as a graduate management trainee, holding posts – primarily in large acute Trusts – across the Country, including several in Brighton. For the … Read more

Welcome to new volunteer: Jacqueline Goodchild

Healthwatch is pleased to welcome Jacqueline Goodchild to the team. “I am based in central Brighton, am married with grown up step children. For most of my career I worked as a senior service development manager and programme manager, mostly in the NHS, but also with social care and the third sector. My experience includes … Read more

Listen to Ordinary People – 70 Years of the NHS

In 2008, on the 60th anniversary of the NHS, with a colleague, a former Director of the Patient’s Association, I researched people’s experiences of health and social care. What emerged was a portent of concerns that emerged in the NHS in the last decade and exemplifies the importance of listening to ordinary people. Many people … Read more

Transforming Maternity Services: Better Births for the Future

In March 2015, Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England announced a major review of maternity services to assess current provision, and how well it met the needs of mothers and babies. This review concluded in February 2016 with the report, Better Births. The report set out a clear vision: for maternity services across England … Read more

NHS pledge to be open, honest and transparent

The NHS in Brighton and Hove and across ‘the Alliance’ have made some public pledges about how they intend to manage public and patient engagement (Our Public Pledges). These include: We will involve patients, the public, carers and partners in the decisions that we make whenever possible and where appropriate; We will communicate about our … Read more

NHS funding crisis in Brighton and Hove

The NHS is facing a £50m per year shortfall of local funds. This represents 3.5% of their total spending power. The Brighton and Hove share of this money misery is £14m. The situation is explained in a recent NHS statement. The plan for where the axe will fall is likely to be available to the … Read more

Accident & Emergency Reports

Do The Emergency Departments at the Royal Sussex County Hospital Meet Patient Needs? Earlier this year, Healthwatch visited the A&E department of the Royal Sussex County Hospital (A&E) and the Children’s Emergency department of the Royal Alexandra Hospital (CED). The objective for both reviews, was: to find out the patient experience (or parent experience in … Read more

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